Homeschool Graduate: Now What?

If your homeschool student isn't the type who wants to immediately head straight to college out of high school, don't despair this does not mean you have failed in your job! As a parent, your work during high school includes planning for and providing the best possible education for your child so they can learn the life skills that they need, preparing them to be ready for a variety of different possibilities, and then encouraging them to pursue the work skills and things they'll need to know in order to function in their job, whether that includes college or not. In the midst of the variety of different options for high school graduates, distance learning and working are two great alternatives you might want to look into.

Although it seems very trendy today, many people will be surprised to learn that distance learning is not a new phenomenon; it has actually been around for decades.

Years ago, people did distance learning as well. They would mail in their tests and their papers instead of emailing or faxing them, but it was really the exact same thing. Resources for distance learning have been around for a long time. One of the books we used for distance learning is "Bear's Guide to Earning Degrees by Distance Learning," which was published for the first time decades ago! There are many reasons that distance learning might be a good fit for your student, including finances, work schedules, and environment concerns. For more great information, I recommend the book "Accelerated Distance Learning" by Brad Voeller.

Education is not just a matter of climbing up the ladder; it's also about what you're going to do after you've climbed up the ladder--where you're going to work. Many students will decide that they want to work after high school. I have a friend whose teen-aged son said he was going to work and not go to college. He got a job working at a local fast food restaurant and he loved it. He was getting higher and higher in management as a teenager, and finally decided that he really wanted to own a business. He quickly found out that this required a business degree, so he decided that he wanted to go to college. He easily passed the college entrance exams, because his mother had taught him everything he needed to know during high school. The message here is that you always need to be prepared remember that kids will change their minds! You just don't know what the future is going to hold; kids mature and change their minds and the next thing you know, they want to own a business of their own and they need a degree. If you've prepared them in high school, then they will be ready for whatever they ultimately choose college, distance learning, work in whatever order they need it! That's success in homeschooling!

Article Source: Roy Nicolas

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